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To become a member of the group “SPERIMENTAL RADIO – SUGAR RADIO”, interested parties must send fill out the form below. Please, all fields marked with an asterisk must be completed, with the following mandatory data listed: NAME AND or SURNAME, DATE OF BIRTH, PRIVATE ADDRESS, E-MAIL, CALL SIGN usually used with other groups, 100 confirmed countries, (If you have the HF license, it is not necessary to send the list of countries), the group reserves the right to request any QSL for control.

The membership is free, An e-mail will be sent to confirm the registration, with the beautiful Certificate of Membership, which you can see here.

The call sign will be assigned in according to the decision of the group’s board and not on request. All members must abide by the authorizations they hold and the laws and regulations governing amateur and amateur radio broadcasts in force in their country, so the group “SPERIMENTAL RADIO” denies any responsibility for non-compliance with these rules.

All the request to join, submitted, will be always subject to the approval of the Directors group’s board. Any impropriety, involves expulsion from the group.

Free SR Membership Request Form
Address to be included in the directory
Confirmed countries minimum 100/If you have the HF license, it is not necessary to send the list of countries
List of 100 confirmed countries / Send your photo with the radio station, please
For security verification, please enter any random two digit number. For example: 89

SPERIMENTAL RADIOSUGAR RADIO – Scientific and Cultural Association, which brings together for the purposes of cultural and scientific with the exclusion of any profit, all those who are interested in the problems of radio communications and collateral activities. It will have as its purpose to study and disseminate knowledge of broadcasting in a particular way on the frequency of 27 MHz with all the phenomena connected thereto, to identify and associate radio operators more prepared who wish to cooperate in the development of theoretical concepts and practices relating to radio communications. The Sperimental Radio – Sugar Radio Association, is constituted by notarial registered act at the Volterra Office Public acts, dated 11 /12/1990 to n. 385 Series 1

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